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Keith Werchek, Facilities Manager / Material Procurement

Keith Werchek314 North Danz Ave
Green Bay, WI 54302 - Map
Phone: 920-468-6000
Fax: 920-468-7705

Keith is very important to Northern Electric, Inc.’s smooth-running operations. Keith is responsible for purchasing all of the day-to-day materials and managing our entire on hand Inventory. Keith uses technology to do his purchasing and sends out our requests for quotations to four or five vendors to enable the best pricing possible. He is also in charge of keeping the shop clean, assisting in repairing tools and distribution of tools and materials to the different project sites. He is committed to making sure everything gets to the right place at the right time, and his efficiency shows. Keith is a great example of Northern Electric, Inc.’s pride in excellent service. If you have any interaction with the Northern Electric shop you will be impressed with his positive attitude and efficiency.

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