Katelyn Conard-Piontek

Director of Operations

NEI's Director of Operations Katelyn Conard-Piontek

About Katelyn Conard-Piontek

Katelyn began working part time at Northern Electric in 2006. She joined Northern Electric as director of operations in 2016 after graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a bachelor’s degree in family business and a minor in entrepreneurship. Katelyn has the most diverse experience of anyone at Northern Electric. Her field, estimating and project management experience has made her uniquely qualified. Katelyn manages and oversees our healthcare division and informational technologies department, along with Northern Electric’s main corporate software systems. She also has a key role in the management of Northern Electric’s accounting systems, onboarding process and training. Katelyn strives to diversify and expand her knowledge in the day-to-day operations and efficiency at Northern Electric.

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