Safety, Our #1 Priority

A group of NEI electricians gathered outside the shop for a lift safety training session

Working with Peace of Mind

At Northern Electric, we invest in only the best equipment and training to ensure quality installation for customers and a secure work environment for employees. Regardless of size or importance, every project is held to the highest safety standard. Due to our continued commitment to safety over the last 30+ years, we have proudly earned an average 0.75 EMR.

Our goal is to be an industry leader for safety. We achieve this with…

A group of NEI electricians gathered in the shop for a safety training session

Extreme Focus on Employee Training

We recognize the elevated risk of unsafe practices from newly hired workers. Because of this, all new hires must complete our extensive Safety Orientation Program.

A group of NEI electricians gathered in the shop for a lift safety training session

Detailed Safety Protocols

We are dedicated to the proper use of NFPA 70E policies and procedures, the proper use of tools and equipment, and fall protection.

Dalton Conard of NEI demonstrating proper safety techniques to another electrician

A Culture of Looking out for one Another

Our safety program begins with the commitment of our leadership team and is instilled throughout the company.

An NEI electrician opening up an electrical panel

Commitment to Zero At-risk Behaviors

We don’t work safely just to be compliant. We deeply believe that no incidents or injuries ensures everyone goes home at the end of the day.