Jim Conard, Chief Operating Officer

Jim ConardJim has thirty years’ experience in the industry. His perseverance and pride in the company drive him to handle projects for you with professionalism. Jim’s leadership is key to Northern Electric's success, and he keeps close involvement in all projects. Jim’s experience out in the field as a Master Electrician insures a strict adherence to the electrical code and a well-rounded first-hand knowledge of all aspects of electrical contracting. Most importantly, Jim designed, and is constantly involved in Northern Electric, Inc.’s safety program. He understands the importance of accident free construction sites, and is extremely active with all facets of the safety program. Northern Electric, Inc.’s walls are decorated with numerous safety awards; these are his proudest achievements. Jim works closely with the field superintendents in order to keep your project on track and assure adherence to safety standards, plans and specifications. Jim manages the Project Management team with efficiency while letting the Project Managers branch out into different specialties in order to keep Northern Electric, Inc. evolving. Jim is also a State Certified Electrical Designer of Engineering Systems – electrical and has worked closely with owners on design / assist projects to design a system that portrays the customer’s vision while adhering to their budget and schedule.

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