Northern Electric, Inc. recieves 2010 Corporate Safety Award

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GREEN BAY — The Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Council of Safety and the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce were on hand at Northern Electric, Inc. (NEI) on June 28, 2011 to present them with the 2010 Corporate Safety Award. For seven out of the last eight years NEI has worked with zero incidents on their OSHA logs and has achieved a perfect incident rate. This is the sixth time in the last ten years Northern Electric, Inc. has won the corporate safety award.

2010 was the best year NEI has ever had in terms of revenue and they increased their staff by 25%. To then also finish the year without any safety incidents is a great testament to our employee’s dedication to safety. When the Chief Operations Officer, Jim Conard, was asked what attributes to NEI’s continued success he stated it is all because of our field employees. They take great care in the field to work extremely safe. Jim says “NEI hires attitudes and teaches skills”.

Northern Electric, Inc. began in 1992 and is a full service electrical contractor. NEI’s Corporate Safety Director, Russell Morgan takes great pride in our safety program. Over the last year NEI has had OSHA come to our corporate location and do safety training in house. NEI has also invited other contractors to be part of the training.

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