Renewable Energies:
Solar can be an effective way to reduce your energy consumption whether you are looking to install a system at home or an office building. Solar module costs have substantially decreased over that last 5 years and with an increased efficiency it is the perfect time to buy. With the support of the 30% federal tax, reward programs and 0% Renewable Energy Loans from focus on energy the return on investment has never been faster.

In Wisconsin there are some great renewable energy programs that residential and commercial customers can take advantage of including:
  • Renewable Energy Sales Tax Exemption
  • Renewable Energy Zero Interest Loans
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credit: 30%
  • Focus on Energy Renewable rewards program: Max $2,400 or $600/KW
For more information on the financial incentives of solar click here.

Solar arrays are very flexible in design, and can be used in many applications including but not limited to; offsetting your utility bill at home, providing electricity to a remote cabin, or just keeping the power on when the grid goes down.
At Northern Electric our goal is to take these new and innovative technologies and make them as simple as replacing a light bulb. Our certified electricians and designers use only quality standards and products. To this end, we hope that by creating turn-key solutions we enable our current and potential customers to reduce their consumption and improve our world.

At any time you are able to view Northern Electric, Inc.’s Solar Array Generation by clicking these links:

Northern Electric 20kw Solar Array
Northern Electric 10kw Solar Array

Lighting Upgrades: There are many other ways to save money, for example on average lighting costs consist of 60% of commercial businesses utility expenses. Replacing outdated equipment with new, qualified lighting systems can be a fast and extremely efficient way to save energy and money. Northern Electric, Inc. can work with Focus on Energy to offers financial incentives for Eligible technologies and upgrades include high-performance and reduced-wattage T8 systems, high bay lighting, LED lamp and fixture systems, lighting controls, and the replacement of HID lamps. Well-designed lighting systems will help lower operational costs by increasing productivity as well as energy efficiency in a wide variety of facilities.

Frequency Drives:
Financial incentives are also available for the installation of energy-efficient variable frequency drives (VFDs) in existing buildings. Incorporating energy-efficient VFDs into your facility is a great way to reduce costs and boost your bottom line. By keeping motors from running at 100 percent capacity constantly, or cycling fully on or off, virtually any application that uses motors to drive fans and pumps can find significant savings.

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